Does Harry Styles Write His Own Music? A Look Behind the Scenes
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Does Harry Styles Write His Own Music? A Look Behind the Scenes


Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter, and actor who initially gained notoriety as a boy band One Direction member. He has become a famous solo musician with his distinct style and sound. In this post, we’ll look more closely at Harry Styles’ songwriting process because fans frequently ask if he writes his music.

Harry Styles: A Brief Overview

He was born on February 1, 1994, in Redditch, Worcestershire, England. He grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire Village, where he attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.

At 16, Harry auditioned for the seventh season of the UK singing competition show, The X Factor. He didn’t advance as a solo artist, but he eventually joined forces with four other applicants to become the boy band One Direction. He has gained fame as a member of One Direction, a British-Irish boy band formed in 2010 on the British singing competition show The X Factor. One Direction quickly became a global phenomenon, selling over 70 million records worldwide and winning numerous awards. In 2016, the band decided to go on hiatus, and he began his solo career.

Harry Styles, as a Songwriter

During his time with One Direction, he co-wrote many of the band’s songs, including “Story of My Life” and “Night Changes.” However, it wasn’t until he embarked on his solo career that he could fully showcase his songwriting abilities.

His debut album, self-titled “Harry Styles,” was released in 2017 and featured songs he co-wrote with various other songwriters. “Sign of the Times,” the album’s lead single, was entirely written by Styles and demonstrated his talent for crafting sentimental and introspective songs.

His second album, “Fine Line,” released in 2019, included several hit songs that he wrote by himself, such as “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You.” The album was critically acclaimed and showcased Styles’ growth as a songwriter. If you want to write songs similar to Harry Styles’, you may hire a professional Book Writing Company

Behind the Scenes of Harry Styles’ Music

While he has been credited as a songwriter on many of his songs, he often collaborates with other writers and producers to create his music. For example, his hit single “Watermelon Sugar” was co-written by Mitch Rowland, Tyler Johnson, and Thomas Hull.

Collaborating with Others

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he has explained that he enjoys working with other people because it allows him to explore different ideas and perspectives. He also revealed that he likes to start with a simple idea and build on it with the help of others. This collaborative approach has resulted in some of his most famous songs, including “Adore You” and “Sign of the Times.”

Drawing Inspiration

When it comes to the actual writing process, He has said that he likes to work quickly and capture the initial inspiration as soon as possible. He has also mentioned that he draws inspiration from various sources, including classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac.

Exploring Different Genres

He has shown a willingness to experiment with different musical types and styles, which has helped him create a unique sound. He has incorporated rock, pop, and even country elements into his music, which has broadened his appeal to a broader audience.

Writing from Personal Experience

Many of his songs are based on personal experiences and emotions. For example, his song “Falling” deals with the pain of a breakup, while “Golden” is about the joy of being in love. This personal touch has resonated with his fans and helped to establish a deep emotional connection between the artist and his audience.

Criticisms and Controversies

As with many successful artists, he has faced criticisms and controversies surrounding his music. One criticism that has been leveled against him is that he has appropriated elements of other cultures in his work, particularly in his music videos and fashion choices. For example, some have accused him of stealing aspects of Indian culture in his “Golden” music video, while others have criticized his use of Jamaican patois in his song “Watermelon Sugar.”

In addition, some critics have claimed that his music lacks originality and depth. They argue that his work relies too heavily on past influences and offers nothing new or groundbreaking to the music industry. However, others have praised him for his unique sound and willingness to take risks with his work, incorporating elements of classic rock, pop, and folk music into his sound.

Despite these criticisms, his dedicated fan base has continued to support him and his music. They appreciate his authenticity and how he connects with his audience through his lyrics and performances. Harry Styles remains a prominent figure in the music industry, and his career shows no signs of slowing down.

How many awards he has won?

He has won numerous awards throughout his profession. As a One Direction member, he won numerous awards, including seven Brit Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, and four MTV Video Music Awards.

As a solo artist, he has also been recognized for his work. He has won three Brit Awards, two ARIA Music Awards, an American Music Award, and a People’s Choice Award, among others.

In addition to his music awards, he has been recognized for his fashion sense. He was named the British Fashion Council’s “Style Icon” in 2019 and has been praised for his bold and unique fashion choices.

Overall, his talent and success have been widely recognized in the music and fashion industries, and he continues to be a celebrated artist and style icon.


In conclusion, the music is a collaborative effort that draws inspiration from various sources and explores different genres and styles. He actively collaborates with other writers and producers to create his music, but it’s important to note that he plays a significant role in the creative process. His readiness to experiment with different musical styles and draw from personal experiences has made him a unique and beloved figure in the pop music scene.

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