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Ed and Lorraine Warren Books Series

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  • November 13, 2023
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Ed and Lorraine Warren were paranormal investigators and authors known for their supernatural and paranormal phenomena work. They investigated various cases involving hauntings, demonic possessions, and other supernatural occurrences. 

Focusing on hauntings, demons, and ghostly encounters, the Warren book series offers readers an in-depth look into the couple’s intriguing and often terrifying encounters with the unknown.

They did not have a specific series of books like a fiction series. Instead, they wrote about their experiences and documented cases in individual books.

List of Ed and Lorraine Warren Book Series

If you’re fascinated by paranormal phenomena and enjoy spine-chilling tales of the supernatural, the Ed and Lorraine Warren book series is a must-read. These books offer a unique and captivating glimpse into the world of paranormal investigations and the incredible experiences of two of the most renowned figures in the field.

Some of the Ed and Lorraine Warren books are listed by American Author House to make it easy for the readers:

“The Demonologist”

The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren is a comprehensive exploration of the professional journey of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Authored by Gerald Brittle, the book offers readers an insightful overview of the Warrens’ extensive career in dealing with supernatural phenomena. 

Through vivid storytelling, Brittle captures the essence of the couple’s remarkable experiences, providing glimpses into some of their most renowned cases. The narrative highlights the challenges they faced and delves into the methodologies they employed in their pursuit of understanding and confronting the paranormal.

“Ghost Hunters” 

Ed and Lorraine Warren pen it in collaboration with Robert David Chase and immerse readers in the duo’s investigations and the eerie encounters they faced. 

The Warren book series offers a captivating journey into the unknown, showcasing the Warrens’ encounters with haunted locations and entities. Through the lens of the authors, readers gain a unique perspective on the paranormal investigations that defined the Warrens’ reputation as prominent figures in the world of demonology and ghost hunting.


It takes readers into the chilling realm of haunted cemeteries. Ed and Lorraine Warren share their firsthand accounts of spine-tingling experiences within these sacred grounds in this book. 

The narrative intertwines history, folklore, and the paranormal, providing readers with a collection of haunting tales that reflect the Warrens’ dedication to uncovering the mysteries of the afterlife.


It explores a case of alleged demonic possession investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

This Warren book series revolves around the terrifying and supernatural aspects of the case, unraveling the details surrounding a person believed to be under the influence of an evil force. Through meticulous storytelling, the authors shed light on the complexities of demonic possession and the challenges faced by those who seek to combat such dark forces.


In “The Haunted,” another notable addition to the Warrens’ literary works, the focus shifts to the haunting experiences of the Smurl family. Through a detailed and chilling narrative, Ed and Lorraine Warren recount the harrowing encounters faced by the Smurl family in their home. 

The book provides a firsthand account of a malicious haunting, blending horror and investigation to offer readers a glimpse into the unsettling world of supernatural disturbances.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Book Title Description Key Features
The Demonologist Authored by Gerald Brittle, this book explores the professional journey of Ed and Lorraine Warren, detailing their encounters with supernatural phenomena. Insightful overview, challenges in paranormal investigation, methodologies employed.
Ghost Hunters Written by Ed and Lorraine Warren with Robert David Chase, this book dives into their investigations and eerie encounters with haunted locations and entities. Unique perspective on paranormal investigations, renowned cases.
Graveyard Focused on haunted cemeteries, this book contains firsthand accounts of the Warrens’ experiences in these sacred grounds, blending history, folklore, and paranormal elements. Haunting tales, intertwines history and folklore with the paranormal.
Werewolf This book explores a case of alleged demonic possession, delving into the complexities and challenges associated with such dark forces. Focus on demonic possession, detailed storytelling.
Haunted Concentrates on the haunting experiences of the Smurl family, providing a detailed account of the malicious haunting in their home. Firsthand account of a haunting, combination of horror and investigation.
Key Takeaway While the Warrens’ investigations are intriguing, their authenticity has been debated. Readers should approach these books with an open mind and critical perspective. Encourages critical thinking, highlights controversy and skepticism in paranormal claims.


Key Takeaway

It’s important to note that the accuracy and authenticity of the Warrens’ investigations and the events they described have been a subject of controversy and skepticism. While some people believe in their work, others question the validity of their claims. 

Readers interested in paranormal investigations and the supernatural may find Warren’s book series intriguing, but it’s advisable to approach them with an open mind and a critical perspective.

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