How To Kill A Mystery Novel Writer: A Chinese Drama Serial
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How To Kill A Mystery Novel Writer: A Chinese Drama Serial


In the bustling literary world of Shanghai, Lan Ying, a mystery novel writer, stands as an unrivaled mystery novel writer. But when life begins to imitate the chilling scenes from her novels, the line between fiction and reality blurs.

As a hauntingly familiar crime scene emerges, Lan Ying’s past rivalries and shadowed admirers surface, plunging her into a scary mystery. The American Author House is at the heart of this enigma, a place of inspiration, rivalry, and dark secrets. The tale unfolds as admiration turns to obsession, and fiction becomes a terrifying reality. Let’s have a look.

The Mysterious Manuscript

Amidst the grandeur of a classic Chinese study, Lan Ying, a renowned mystery novel writer, pores over her new work. But something unexpected catches her attention – a manuscript titled “How To Kill A Mystery Novel Writer.” The opening lines eerily reflect events from her life. Within the pages, she finds a narrative predicting mundane incidents that slowly increase in intensity.

Ripples in the Calm

As the days progress, Lan Ying becomes increasingly agitated. The predicted events from the manuscript, seemingly insignificant initially, start unfolding. First, there’s a missed call from an unknown number. Then, her favorite vase shatters without any apparent cause. Lastly, a novel she treasures goes missing, only to be found in an odd corner. The coincidences are too hard to ignore. The calm veneer of her daily life begins to show cracks.

Stranger at the Doorstep

One evening, there’s a knock. Zhou, a man with piercing eyes, introduces himself as Lan Ying’s most ardent fan. He casually drops hints about specific events from Lan Ying’s life, details that aren’t common knowledge. Disturbingly, Lan Ying recognizes traces of Zhou from her novels – a character she’d crafted after a brief, unsettling encounter years ago.

The Detective’s Entry

Lan Ying, feeling cornered, reaches out to an old friend. Detective Wei, her schoolmate, now serves in the Shanghai police. Initially, he’s doubtful about her fears, attributing them to her vivid imagination. But loyalty compels him to dig deeper. Soon, Wei starts noticing anomalies surrounding Zhou, pulling him into the web of mystery.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

In a series of beautifully shot flashbacks, viewers are taken to the early days of Lan Ying’s career. A struggling writer in a small apartment, she draws inspiration from her surroundings, the American Author House library sessions, and random strangers on the streets. As her fame rises, so does the envy and competition, much like the narratives explored in novel vs memoir. These memories play a pivotal role in understanding the looming threat.

Deadly Parallels

Every mystery novel writer draws inspiration from somewhere, and Lan Ying was no different. But shockwaves ran through the literary community when life imitated her art a bit too closely. A scene from her bestseller was gruesomely played out in real life, echoing the complex layers often found in Shatter Me novellas. The chilling twist? The victim was a former rival writer who had often critiqued Lan Ying’s work at the American Author House forums. The question on everyone’s lips was simple: coincidence or calculated?

Obsession and Envy

Zhou, with his soft-spoken demeanor, always lived in the shadows. But those who knew him knew his burning aspiration to become a renowned mystery novel writer. And his infatuation with Lan Ying was no secret either. He had always admired her, but that admiration gradually morphed into envy. He believed she stood between him and the recognition he deserved, a sentiment not uncommon in the world of novel writing. Why did her stories gain attention at platforms like American Author House while he faded into obscurity? He felt overshadowed, and this grew into a quiet obsession.

The Disappearing Act

Mystery novel writers often work with twists and turns, but for Lan Ying, life became stranger than fiction. She disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only whispers and speculations. The literary community was in chaos. Conversations in hushed tones filled the American Author House, where Lan Ying often gave readings. Could a plot from one of her novels have come alive? Amid the chaos, suspicion loomed large over one name: Zhou. With Lan Ying’s sudden disappearance, he was the name that came up repeatedly. The pieces of the puzzle were aligning, but not in his favor.

In the Heart of Darkness

Every mystery novel writer has a signature, and Lan Ying’s was her intricate detailing. Ironically, this led Zhou to recreate a haunting scene from her book. Deep within a remote location, Lan Ying was trapped in an eerie replica of her fictional haunted house. Here, Zhou’s true intentions surfaced. He demanded a confession: Were her celebrated tales merely stolen stories from real-life incidents? He wanted to unmask the face behind her literary genius, convinced she was a fraud.

Race Against Time

With his sharp instincts, Detective Wei knew that to find Lan Ying, he needed to delve deep into her work. Mystery novel writers, after all, often leave a piece of themselves in their stories. Searching her residence, he stumbled upon hidden manuscripts. These weren’t just stories but glimpses into Lan Ying’s psyche, providing clues to her current ordeal. With time running out, every word, every hint became crucial. The manuscripts hinted at places, memories, and experiences Lan Ying had never publicly discussed, including her time at the American Author House. Wei realized that the key to saving her might lie in the stories she penned.


In “Deadly Parallels,” the blurred lines between fiction and reality weave a gripping tale that keeps readers on edge. The journey of Lan Ying, the mystery novel writer, is a stark reminder of stories’ power, not just on paper but in the real world. As obsession, envy, and the weight of success intersect, the narrative underscores the profound impact of one’s past, the shadows of rivalry, and the lengths to which ambition can drive a person. The climax at the American Author House is a testament to the enduring spirit of storytelling and its inextricable link to human experience.

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