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How to Sell Books On Thriftbooks?

  • |
  • November 9, 2023
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  • 5 min read


Do you have a wide range of books gathering dust on your shelves? If so, why not turn those old books into cash? Thrift Books offers a fantastic opportunity to sell your used books and make extra money. This comprehensive guide will walk you through becoming a successful Thrift Books seller, from creating your account to shipping your books and growing your business.

Creating a ThriftBooks Seller Account

To start selling books on ThriftBooks, you first need to create a seller account. This is a simple and easy process. You must give some basic information and agree to ThriftBooks’ rules. Once you’ve done that, you can use the seller dashboard.

Understanding the Seller Dashboard

The seller dashboard is like the control center for your book-selling activities on ThriftBooks. It’s where you can manage the books you’re selling, handle customer orders, and keep track of the money you’re making. So, ensure you know how it works because it’s where you’ll do most of your selling-related tasks.

Guidelines for Listing Books

Before listing your books, take a moment to review ThriftBooks’ guidelines for book condition and pricing. Ensuring your books meet these standards is crucial for a successful selling experience.

Uploading Book Details and Images

When you’re making a listing to sell a book, make sure you give the correct information about the book. This includes the book’s title, the author’s name, the ISBN (a special code), and the book’s condition (whether it’s in good shape or not). Also, it’s a good idea to include good pictures of your book because nice pictures can make more people interested in buying it.

Setting Competitive Prices

When selling books on ThriftBooks, figuring out how much to charge for them is important. To do this, you should look at what other professional services like American Author House are charging for similar books and try to offer a price attractive to buyers but still make you some money.

Utilizing Pricing Strategies

You can also learn about pricing strategies that let you change the prices of your books as necessary. This can help you stay competitive, keep up with what other sellers are doing, and help you make as much money as possible. So, you can adjust your prices when needed to sell more books and earn more.

Shipping Requirements and Options

To sell books on ThriftBooks, knowing the shipping rules and selecting the best shipping choices for your books is important. Giving reliable and quick shipping is crucial to get good feedback from buyers.

Tips for Safe Book Packaging

You should also learn how to wrap your books safely so they don’t get damaged while being sent to the buyer. Happy customers who receive books in good condition are likelier to leave positive reviews and return to buy from you again. So, packing your books well is essential for your success as a seller.

ThriftBooks’ Book Condition Standards

ThriftBooks has certain rules about the condition of books they accept. It’s important to make sure that your books meet these standards. If your books don’t meet these standards, buyers might return them, harming your reputation as a seller. So, follow these guidelines to keep your customers happy and maintain a good seller reputation.

Copyright and Legal Considerations

When selling books, it’s important to know copyright and legal rules. This means you should know the laws and regulations that apply to selling books to avoid getting into legal trouble. Staying informed about these matters is essential to ensure you don’t run into any legal issues while selling books.

Strategies for Improving Your Seller Rating

If you want to do better as a seller and make more money, improving your seller rating is important. Your seller rating is like your reputation as a seller, and a good reputation can help you sell more books and earn more income.

Do Ebook Writing Services Work on Thriftbooks?

Ebook writing services typically do not apply to ThriftBooks, as ThriftBooks primarily deals with physical, used books rather than digital ebooks. ThriftBooks is a platform where individuals can sell their used physical books, and it doesn’t support the sale of digital ebooks.

Is Book Author Website Important for Thriftbooks?

A book author website can be beneficial when selling books on ThriftBooks, but it’s not a strict requirement. The importance of a book-author website for ThriftBooks depends on your specific goals and the extent of your online presence.

Key Step/Aspect and Profound Details

Step/Aspect Description Key Points/Actions
Creating a ThriftBooks Seller Account Overview of the initial setup process for selling on ThriftBooks. Provide basic information, agree to rules, access seller dashboard.
Understanding the Seller Dashboard Describes the importance and functionalities of the seller dashboard. Manage books, handle orders, track earnings.
Guidelines for Listing Books Details on ThriftBooks’ requirements for book condition and pricing. Review and comply with condition standards and pricing guidelines.
Uploading Book Details and Images Instructions for creating effective book listings. Include accurate details (title, author, ISBN, condition) and quality images.
Pricing Strategies & Shipping Discusses setting competitive prices and understanding shipping requirements. Research prices, adjust as needed, understand and choose the best shipping options.
Packaging & Condition Standards Emphasizes the importance of proper packaging and meeting ThriftBooks’ condition standards. Learn safe packaging techniques, ensure books meet condition requirements.
Legal Considerations & Seller Rating Improvement Covers copyright laws and strategies for enhancing seller reputation. Stay informed on legalities, focus on customer satisfaction to improve rating.



Selling books on ThriftBooks can be a rewarding venture for book enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. By following this comprehensive guide and implementing the strategies outlined, you can turn your book collection into a source of income while helping others discover new stories.

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