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Jack Carr’s books In Order: A Comprehensive Guide to the Series

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  • August 24, 2023
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  • 6 min read


Jack Carr is a highly acclaimed author known for his thrilling and action-packed novels. This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of Jack Carr’s books, specifically focusing on the James Reece series and his standalone novels. Whether you’re a fan looking for the reading order or a newcomer interested in exploring his work, this article will provide all the information you need about Jack Carr’s books.

Who is Jack Carr?

American author Jack Carr is renowned for his thrilling books. Before turning to writing, he had a distinguished career as a Navy SEAL officer. Carr joined the U.S. Navy in 1996 and worked for Naval Special Warfare Command for over 20 years. He began as a Navy SEAL sniper in the enlisted ranks and later graduated from Officer Candidate School to become a commissioned officer.

Carr served in the military for several deployments and positions. On September 11, 2001, he made a large deployment to the Persian Gulf, where he assisted in enforcing the UN’s oil embargo on Ba’athist Iraq. Additionally, he served as a platoon leader in the southern Philippines, where he carried out counterinsurgency operations and led assault and sniper teams in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Carr’s first deployment as an officer was in Iraq, where he commanded a Special Operations Task Unit in an area heavily influenced by Iran. He played a vital role throughout the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq.

Today, Carr resides in Park City, Utah, with his wife and children and focuses on writing thrilling novels that draw upon his military experience.

A Comprehensive Guide to the James Reece Series

Let’s discuss in detail about background plot and character of the book.

Part -1 – The Terminal List

“The Terminal List” is the first book in the James Reece series and introduces readers to the compelling protagonist, James Reece. A former Navy SEAL, Reece finds himself at the center of a conspiracy after his entire team is ambushed during a covert operation. Fueled by vengeance and seeking justice, Reece embarks on a thrilling journey to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice.

Plot summary

The story follows Reece as he systematically hunts down the individuals responsible for the betrayal and the murder of his teammates. As he navigates the dangerous world of politics and covert operations, Reece uncovers a web of corruption and power reaching the highest government levels. Filled with adrenaline-fueled action and surprising twists, “The Terminal List” keeps readers on edge.

Key characters

James Reece: A highly skilled former Navy SEAL seeking revenge and justice.

Katie Buranek: Reece’s close friend and ally, helping him find the truth.

Cynthia Eden: An investigative journalist who aids Reece in his mission.

Critical acclaim and success

“The Terminal List” received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of military operations, complex characters, and intense action sequences. The book quickly gained a dedicated fan base and became a New York Times bestseller, propelling Jack Carr’s books into the spotlight as a rising star in the thriller genre.

Part – 2- True Believer

“True Believer” is the second installment in the James Reece series. Picking up where “The Terminal List” left off, the book delves deeper into Reece’s world as he confronts new challenges and uncovers further secrets. The story takes readers on a thrilling journey across different continents and explores the dangerous nexus between international politics, terrorism, and corruption.

Plot summary

After seeking vengeance, James Reece, a former Navy SEAL, escapes to the remote wilderness of Mozambique. However, his peaceful seclusion is short-lived as the CIA locates him. Reluctantly, Reece becomes an operative for the US government.

As a reluctant tool for the CIA, Reece embarks on a global mission to eliminate terrorist leaders and uncover a far-reaching conspiracy with global consequences. Throughout his journey, he must navigate dangerous territories and unravel complex geopolitical schemes that threaten the stability of nations worldwide.

Key characters

James Reece: The resilient and relentless protagonist, driven by his unwavering sense of justice.

Emma Reece: James’ wife, who becomes a source of strength and support throughout his journey.

CIA Agent Marcus Ryker: A skilled operative who assists Reece in his mission.

Critical acclaim and success

“True Believer” received widespread acclaim for its intricate plotting, well-developed characters, and pulse-pounding suspense. Jack Carr book ability to blend real-world geopolitical events with high-stakes action garnered praise from readers and critics alike. The book became another bestseller, solidifying Carr’s position as a leading author in the thriller genre.

Part -3- Savage Son

“Savage Son” serves as the electrifying conclusion to the James Reece series. In this explosive final chapter, Reece faces his most formidable enemy yet and confronts the demons from his past. The book takes readers on a thrilling ride through the dangerous world of international espionage and covert operations.

Plot summary

A corrupt CIA officer has sought refuge with the Russian Mafia and is plotting to eliminate a former Navy SEAL sniper. Meanwhile, James Reece is recovering from brain surgery in the peaceful wilderness of Montana. With the support of investigative journalist Katie Buranek and his loyal SEAL teammate Raife Hastings, Reece is rebuilding his life. The Russian intelligence-mafia alliance targets Reece for personal and professional reasons, aiming to remove him as a threat before he can return to action on American soil. Realizing that an unknown faction within the U.S. government has been compromised by Russian intelligence, Reece must assemble a team of skilled commandos to confront the Russian Mafia on their turf. They transform from the hunted to the hunters, seeking vengeance.

Key characters

James Reece: The determined and battle-hardened protagonist facing his most challenging mission yet.

Sarah Reese: James’ daughter, whose safety becomes paramount in the face of relentless threats.

Patricia Gaines: An intelligence analyst who provides crucial information to Reece throughout his journey.

Critical acclaim and success

“Savage Son” received widespread critical acclaim for its breathtaking action sequences, well-crafted suspense, and emotional depth. The book captivated readers with its thought-provoking exploration of the consequences of war and the lengths individuals are willing to go for justice. As with its predecessors, “Savage Son” soared to the top of bestseller lists, cementing Jack Carr’s status as a master storyteller.

Key Characteristics and Profound Details

Details Description Specifics
Author Background Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL turned author. Served in the U.S. Navy from 1996, with numerous deployments.
Career Transition Transitioned from military to writing post-service. Resides in Park City, Utah, focusing on writing novels.
The Terminal List First book in the James Reece series. Introduces James Reece; focuses on revenge and justice.
True Believer Second book in the series. Follows Reece as he becomes a reluctant CIA operative.
Savage Son Third book in the series. Reece faces his most formidable enemy and personal demons.
Critical Acclaim The series has been well-received. Noted for intense action, realistic portrayal, and suspense.


Jack Carr’s books take readers on a thrilling journey through espionage, covert operations, and international intrigue. With gripping plots, well-developed characters, and intense action sequences, Jack Carr’s books captivate readers from the first page to the last. Finally, if you want your books to be written in Jack Carr’s style, consider hiring a Book Writing Company.

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