Audible Alternatives: Top Audiobook Apps for Listening to Books
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Audible Alternatives: Top Audiobook Apps for Listening to Books

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  • August 21, 2023
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  • 8 min read


The ability to immerse ourselves in compelling stories while on the run has revolutionized how we read literature. Although Audible has long been the preferred site for audiobooks, several respectable audible alternatives exist. In this article, we’ll look at the top audible alternative audiobook apps that make great alternatives to Audible. These apps are undoubtedly for you if you want a more economical solution, exclusive content, or a unique user experience.


One of the favorite platforms of our Book Writing Company employees is Libby. This free audible alternative audiobook app Libby will help you get access to the online catalog of your neighborhood library. You can check out and borrow various audiobooks with a library card. The borrowing process is simple, and the UI is user-friendly on Libby. Additionally, it has functions like sleep timers and adjustable playing speeds. It’s the perfect option for readers on a tight budget who want free access to a huge library of audiobooks.


The subscription-based service Scribd offers unrestricted access to various media, including audiobooks, eBooks, periodicals, and more. You can browse a sizable collection of well-liked books on Scribd, including bestsellers and classics. The app enables offline listening and provides personalized recommendations based on your reading habits. Scribd is a fantastic choice for readers looking for a wide variety of audiobooks in many genres at a reasonable monthly cost.

Libro. FM

An audiobook service called Libro. Fm promotes independent book retailers. You may help out your community by buying audiobooks from Libro. Fm and get a terrific listening experience. The app offers a huge selection of titles, including bestsellers, for those who enjoy listening to audiobooks and wish to contribute to the world while doing so Libro. Fm is an excellent substitute.


Because it offers titles at a discount without requiring membership, Chirp is exceptional as an audible alternative audiobook app. You might be able to enjoy one-time savings with Chirp on books in a range of categories, including mysteries, nonfiction, and fiction. The app is a desirable choice because of its basic and user-friendly design, low prices, and ability to build a digital audiobook library on a tight budget.

Google Play Books

You can listen to your favorite books on various devices thanks to Google Play Books’ huge selection of audiobooks. It offers a convenient reading experience with a user-friendly UI and seamless connectivity with the Google ecosystem. You may quickly navigate among various genres, modify your reading preferences, and take advantage of offline listening.

Apple Books

Apple Books is a fantastic replacement for audible, especially for Apple users. The app offers a wide selection of audiobooks from well-known authors and publishers. With functions like seamless device syncing, programmable reading preferences, and immersive voice, Apple Books provides a satisfying audiobook experience.


Bookmate is a subscription-based program that provides unrestricted access to eBooks and audiobooks. It has a wide range of books, including international classics and bestsellers. Bookmate delivers a bespoke reading experience based on your interests, with personalized recommendations and the option to follow your favorite authors.


AudiobooksNow provides a membership-based model with reduced costs on a variety of audiobooks. The app has a simple user interface, tailored recommendations, and a large selection of books in many different categories. With AudiobooksNow, devoted listeners have a handy option for buying and downloading audiobooks to listen to offline.


Downpour is an audiobook marketplace with a la carte choices for buying and renting. You have the option of purchasing audiobooks altogether or renting them for a set amount of time. The app offers many titles, including hot picks and premium material. Downpour offers audiobook fans who want flexibility and convenience features like bookmarking, variable narration speed, and offline listening.


OverDrive is a fantastic audible alternative audiobook app that connects you to the digital collection of your nearby library, enabling you to borrow and use audiobooks for nothing. You can access a huge range of books in many different categories. The app has a user-friendly layout makes it simple to look up available titles. It sets holds on them and downloads audiobooks for offline listening. Library users can enjoy a seamless reading experience with OverDrive thanks to features like adjustable playing speed, bookmarks, and device syncing.

Audiobooks HQ

Audiobooks HQ is a feature-rich software with a big library of high-quality audiobooks in various genres. The user-friendly app’s layout makes browsing the sizable library and finding new titles simple.

Locating audiobooks catered to your interests is simple, thanks to carefully selected collections. For a personalized listening experience, Audiobooks HQ also provides adjustable playback speed, nap timers, and bookmarks. Thanks to the app’s offline listening functionality; you may download audiobooks and listen to them without an internet connection. Audiobooks HQ is a popular app among fans of audiobooks because of its immersive and interesting material.

Serial Box

Serial Box offers a novel take on audiobooks by presenting original stories in an episodic style. The app is ideal for readers like serialized storytelling since it offers compelling stories in bite-sized episodes. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and more genres are all covered by Serial Box.

Each episode is expertly narrated, with sound effects and music added to provide an engaging listening experience. You can follow along with the developing storyline thanks to Serial Box’s continuing and serialized format, which offers a novel and engaging way to interact with audiobooks.

Loyal Books’ Audiobook Player

You can download the free Audiobook Player app from Loyal Books to listen to thousands of audiobooks in the public domain. The app has an easy-to-use interface that makes navigating and finding great books and timeless masterpieces simple. You may find your favorite classics or undiscovered literary gems by searching for audiobooks by author, title, or genre.

Audiobook Player offers a straightforward but effective listening experience with key playback features, including configurable playback speed, sleep timers, and bookmarks. This software is a great option if you like exploring the world of classic literature without paying a monthly fee.

Audible Suno

With its original audio episodes and series, the free Audible Suno app offers a distinctive listening experience. The software creates an immersive audio entertainment platform by providing various materials like drama, storytelling, podcasts, and more.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

App Name Key Features Ideal For
Libby Free access, borrows from local libraries, user-friendly UI, sleep timers, adjustable speed. Budget-conscious readers; library enthusiasts.
Scribd Subscription-based, unlimited access to audiobooks, eBooks, periodicals, offline listening, personalized recommendations. Readers seeking a wide range of media at a reasonable cost.
Libro. FM Supports independent bookstores, wide selection including bestsellers. Audiobook listeners who wish to support local bookstores.
Chirp Discounted titles without membership, varied genres, user-friendly interface. Budget-friendly users seeking deals on a wide range of genres.
Google Play Books Large selection, cross-device usability, user-friendly UI, integrates with Google ecosystem, offline listening. Users of Google services seeking a seamless experience across devices.
Apple Books Extensive collection, seamless syncing with Apple devices, customizable settings. Apple device users looking for a tailored audiobook experience.
Bookmate Subscription-based, access to eBooks and audiobooks, personalized recommendations, international titles. Readers looking for a diverse, personalized library including international works.
AudiobooksNow Membership-based discounts, tailored recommendations, wide selection, offline listening. Regular audiobook listeners seeking a cost-effective subscription model.
Downpour A la carte purchasing or renting, premium content, bookmarking, variable speed, offline listening. Listeners who prefer flexibility in buying or renting audiobooks.
OverDrive Free access via local libraries, large selection, user-friendly interface, offline listening, adjustable speed. Library users seeking a wide range of titles without cost.
Audiobooks HQ Large library, adjustable playback speed, sleep timers, bookmarks, offline listening. Users looking for a rich selection and customizable listening experience.
Serial Box Original stories in episodic format, diverse genres, enhanced narration with sound effects. Fans of serialized storytelling in genres like sci-fi and mystery.
Loyal Books’ Audiobook Player Free access to public domain audiobooks, simple interface, classics and hidden gems, basic playback features. Classic literature enthusiasts seeking free access to timeless works.
Audible Suno Free original audio series and episodes, diverse content including drama and storytelling, immersive platform. Users interested in unique, original audio content and storytelling.


Anyone who wants to listen to a book will always look towards audible since it is very well known. However, if you don’t have an audible subscription, worry not because there are many other platforms. This article has discussed some of the best platforms of choice. You can select one among them as they all work similarly to audible.

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