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Books Like Divergent: You Need to Read Right Now


Have you ever found yourself lost in the pages of Veronica Roth’s “Divergent,” eager for more stories that whisk you into dystopian worlds where courage, identity, and societal structures are tested? 

You’re not alone. 

Books similar to Divergent are sought after by fans for their exciting adventures and complex characters. 

In this article, we will find an array of novels that echo the excitement and moral challenges found in the Divergent series. Whether you’re a genre fan or looking for your next gripping read, this guide will introduce you to your next favorite book.

Dystopian Novels 

Dystopian novels have a unique way of seizing the imagination. They take us to often bleak and challenging futures, yet they’re filled with young heroes and heroines who rise against all odds. It’s the classic battle of good versus evil against a backdrop of awry societies. For many readers, especially young adults, these books are more than just tales of survival. They resonate because they often reflect the turbulence of coming of age and finding one’s place in the world. In addition to their gripping narratives, dystopian novels like those in the ‘Divergent series often showcase book design artistry with covers that capture the essence of their complex and dynamic worlds.

The popularity of dystopian settings in YA literature lies in their ability to amplify real-world issues. Governments exerting control, fighting for individual freedom, and exploring identity are themes close to home for many young readers. This is why books similar to Divergent fascinate us. They offer a safe space to grapple with these intense subjects while providing the escapism of a world vastly different from ours.

Transitioning to the next theme, let’s delve into how these narratives go beyond mere entertainment, prodding us to think deeply about our societies and the people we want to become.

Themes in Dystopian Narratives

One of the central themes that books similar to Divergent often have is the concept of identity. In these books, characters are usually in a world where they must conform to certain groups or factions. The protagonists, however, stand out because they defy these categories, searching for their place and identity. This mirrors the real-life experiences of many readers, figuring out who they are and where they fit in society. While different from the practical focus of business book basics, dystopian novels like ‘Divergent’ have created their niche in the book business, attracting a wide range of readers.

Similarly, genres like historical fiction, guided by historical fiction how-to elements, explore identity in different eras and settings. While the backdrop may differ, the underlying exploration of self and society remains a compelling link between these genres.

Moreover, these stories reflect society’s structure and the individual’s role. They question the status quo and push the reader to think about their societal norms. Is the society fair? 

Are there hidden injustices? Readers can reflect on these questions in their own lives by getting into these fictional worlds.

The exploration of these themes not only keeps the pages turning but also sparks important conversations among readers. 

Now, let’s move on to how we picked the books with the help of the American Author House we’re about to recommend.

Books Like Divergent

Selection Criteria for The List

When making the list of books similar to Divergent, we looked for several key elements that resonate with the spirit of Roth’s work. The settings, for starters, had to be dystopian or, at least, worlds that have taken a sharp turn from our current reality. It also offers a blend of action-packed sequences, thought-provoking themes, and complex characters who face significant growth throughout the story.

In terms of plot, we favored books that presented a society with strict divisions, whether they be class systems, factions, or other forms of segregation. These settings are particularly compelling as they allow us to see characters challenge and often upend the rigid structures that govern their lives.

Character development was another important aspect. We sought protagonists with a strong moral compass, reminiscent of Divergent’s Tris Prior, who are relatable and inspire readers with their bravery and resilience. Therefore, it is always advised to get help from professionals. You can go to book writing services or ebook writing services and get a consultation on making a strong protagonist character. 

“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins

The first on our list is a title that likely comes as no surprise: “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. This gripping trilogy introduces us to Panem, a dystopian society divided into 12 districts where teenagers are forced to compete in a televised fight to the death. It’s easy to see why fans of Divergent would be drawn to this series: the high stakes, the societal control, and the fierce protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, who, much like Tris, becomes a symbol of rebellion and hope.

While “The Hunger Games” parallels the faction-based Society in Divergent, it also has unique qualities. The stark reality of survival in the arena brings a raw edge to the series, keeping readers in their seats. The themes of sacrifice, love, and the moral implications of survival add depth to the exciting plot, making it a must-read for those looking for books similar to Divergent.

“Legend” by Marie Lu

Another heart-pounding series, “Legend” by Marie Lu, introduces readers to a divided United States, now the Republic and the Colonies, where the government’s secrets are as deep as the chasm between the rich and the poor. The story follows two prodigies from vastly different walks of life: June, a military star born into elite society, and Day, the country’s most wanted criminal.

As their paths cross, “Legend” offers a riveting tale of intrigue, oppression, and the quest for truth. Like “Divergent,” the characters in “Legend” face impossible choices that challenge their loyalties and test their beliefs. The stark contrast between the protagonists’ origins and their intertwined destinies draws a parallel to the faction system in Divergent, making it a compelling read for fans of Roth’s series.

Marie Lu’s trilogy also takes into the theme of being a family and the lengths we go to protect our loved ones. This sentiment resonates strongly with the family dynamics explored in “Divergent.” With action that will keep your heart racing and moral dilemmas that will provoke your thoughts long after you’ve turned the last page, “Legend” is an excellent addition to your reading list.

“Maze Runner” by James Dashner

When it comes to a story that ensnares you from the beginning, “Maze Runner” by James Dashner is a labyrinth of suspense and mystery. Readers are introduced to Thomas, who wakes up with no memory in a place called the Glade, surrounded by a monstrous maze. Much like the characters in Divergent, Thomas and his fellow “Gladers” must piece together clues about their identity and the strange world they’ve been thrust into, all while forging alliances and navigating the perils surrounding them.

“Maze Runner” echoes Divergent’s survival and societal control themes but stands out with its unique flavor. The maze is a character, changing and threatening at every turn, presenting a physical and psychological challenge to the Gladers. The book takes you into the concept of memory and how it shapes our identity, a comparison that invites readers to ponder alongside the action-packed narrative.

This series, rich with twists and camaraderie, also questions the price of freedom and the sacrifices one must make for the greater good. For fans of Divergent looking for a similar blend of excitement, intrigue, and self-discovery, “Maze Runner” promises to deliver.

“Delirium” by Lauren Oliver

In “Delirium,” Lauren Oliver transports readers to an alternate present-day America where love is considered a disease. Upon turning eighteen, the government requires all citizens to undergo a procedure called “the Cure” to eliminate love’s disruptive influence. Lena Haloway, the protagonist, eagerly awaits her turn until an unexpected encounter makes her question everything she’s ever believed in.

This novel resonates with “Divergent” through its strong-willed protagonist and the theme of challenging societal norms. Like Tris Prior, Lena starts off conforming to the world she knows, only to become someone who questions the very fabric of her society. “Delirium” takes a deep dive into the idea of controlled emotions and the human right to feel, mirroring the restrictions seen in the factions of “Divergent.”

Lauren Oliver’s portrayal of resistance and the awakening of personal belief offers a thought-provoking look at what it means to be alive and in love. The battle between the government’s stoic order and the chaotic nature of love is a compelling narrative for readers who enjoy the tension and rebellion inherent in “Divergent.”

“Matched” by Ally Condie

“Matched” takes us into a meticulously organized society, where choices are made for every citizen, including whom they marry, where they work, and when they die. The story centers around Cassia, who has always trusted society’s choices until she falls for someone other than her intended match, setting her on a path of rebellion and self-discovery.

Books similar to ‘Divergent’ often take readers on a self-help writing path, where characters’ journeys towards self-discovery mirror our own. In the same vein as “Divergent,” “Matched” puts its characters in a world where conformity is key, and deviation from the norm is not tolerated. Cassia’s journey is one of inner strength, much like Tris’, as she begins questioning and challenging the rules that have always governed her life. The book probes the idea of control versus freedom, asking whether true happiness can be achieved through choice rather than obligation.

Ally Condie’s series focuses on the power of words and memories, which play a significant role in the protagonists’ awakening. For readers who savored the blend of romance, suspense, and the fight for individuality in “Divergent,” “Matched” offers a similar taste with its unique flavor.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Book Title Main Themes Key Similarities to Divergent
The Hunger Games Survival, rebellion, societal control High stakes, societal control, strong protagonist
Legend Intrigue, oppression, identity Challenging loyalties, stark contrasts in society
Maze Runner Survival, identity, memory Survival theme, societal control, self-discovery
Delirium Controlled emotions, rebellion, love Challenging societal norms, strong-willed protagonist
Matched Conformity, rebellion, choice World where conformity is key, journey of self-discovery


The power of stories like “Divergent” lies in their ability to transport us to worlds that, while fantastical, reflect our deepest fears and highest hopes for humanity. The books similar to Divergent we’ve explored here offer more than escape; they invite us to question, feel, and rise with their characters. From the oppressive regimes and social stratifications to the courageous individuals who stand against them, these books are a testament to the human spirit’s resilience.

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