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Silent Library: A Hilarious Game Show You Need to Watch


From 2009 until 2011, MTV’s Silent Library was the network’s most popular game program. Silence was required throughout the competition as contestants participated in hysterically funny punishment tasks. Any participant who made too much noise or laughed too loudly was immediately eliminated from the competition. When contenders complete a task, they earn money from the other participants.

Some of our favorite bands from the scene, such as All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, the Ready Set, and others, have been on the program throughout a few seasons, echoing the trend of celebrities engaging in different media.

Goal and Challenges for Silent Library:

The goal of Silent Library is for competitors to prove they can complete various tasks without generating much noise. The gang will win money if they are successful. At the beginning of each round, the competitors will turn over two cards. The following task must be completed if a competitor is dealt the skull and crossbones card.

Contestants in Silent Show have faced a wide range of difficulties throughout the years. All Time Low was subjected to harsh tasks to film their celebrity edition episode. Some challenges are having one’s teeth washed by a stranger’s beard and sprinting in place on a hamster wheel while wearing flippers.

Although the members of All Time Low did not succeed in every task, they nevertheless received generous payouts.

About Play:

The set is made to look like a regular public library, a setting that’s often a haven of fantastic fiction and learning. Six people are sitting at a study table, three on each side. The host, Zero Kazama, is sitting at the traffic desk near the door. Five of the cards are usually green and say ‘Safe,’ much like finding a best-seller amidst a sea of new book releases. The sixth yellow card with a black skull and crossbones mean that the person with it must do a strange “punishment” task. During the second season, there are times when five of the six cards show the skull and crossbones. It means that only one person is safe.

During the task, a measure on the screen shows how much noise the team is making, a visual cue that could be as tense as the climax of a mystery audiobook. If the noise level goes into the red area of the gauge at any time, the team loses the task immediately. Kazama only tells the group if they were successful or not later because they don’t know what the scale says. If the team reaches the goal of the task, they will also gain.

The game has four rounds. There are three tasks in the first three rounds, and in the fourth round, there is only one. In a star episode, if a team does well in rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4, they get $300, $400, $800, and $1,000 for the cause of their choice. At the show’s end, Kazama gives all the winnings to the six players as they leave the Library, reminiscent of the rewarding journey of self-publishing on Amazon. During the end credits, Book Writing Company also shared a warning that says the team may have played more tasks that weren’t shown on TV and may have won more money than what is shown at the end of the episode.

Amazing Episodes of Silent Library:

Silent Library is a popular Japanese game show that gained international recognition due to its hilarious and bizarre challenges, much like how the world of a copy editor can be unexpectedly demanding and quirky. The show’s premise revolves around contestants who must endure various tasks without making noise in a library setting.

From eating strange and unappetizing food combinations to enduring unexpected pranks and even receiving unexpected animal visitors, the episodes of Library always entertain viewers.

1- All Time Low:

In the second episode of Season 3, All Time Low appeared with their tour manager Matt and their pals Jeff and Vinny. The penalties ranged from Soup Shoot, Snow Job, Too Big Lady, and Licking a Glass. After the show, the band earned $3,200.

In the episode of Silent Library, the popular American rock band All Time Low, they were stepped into the quiet yet challenging realm of the Library. As the contestants, the band members faced a series of unexpected and amusing tasks that tested their ability to remain silent. From enduring intense tickling sessions to trying to stifle their laughter while wearing ridiculous outfits, the All Time Low episode provided fans with a delightful blend of laughter and admiration for the band’s willingness to embrace the comedic challenges.

2- Forever The Sickest Kids:

In season two of Silent Show, the sickest kids had their chance. The competitions ranged from “Egg Rollers” to “Small Putts” to “Camp Fire Mix Up” to “Swat Team.” Despite losing the day’s last task, they could take home $2,700.

3- We the Kings:

During the second season, the Kings competed on a game show with two of their pals. While doing chores such as “Pulled Sniff,” “Not Expected Package,” “Angry Dog,” and “Big Busts,” the band had to endure enough quiet to win $2,800.

4- Hey, Monday:

In the third episode of season 3, two members join Stereo Skyline. The band completed enough penalties, such as “Octopussed,” “Pumped Walk,” “Comb Over Comb,” and “Unwanted Fan,” to win themselves a cool $3,400.

5- Anarbor:

You can see the episode starring Anarbor on MTV’s website, even if the episode is not on youtube due to some reasons. You won’t want to miss this episode because of the Fish Sponge, Sea Waffle, Bad Door, and Evil Chair challenges.

6- Never Shout Never:

The season 3 finale was titled “never shout never.” The band scored high and earned $3,900 after enduring penalties like Little Tromboner, Oh No Yo Yo, Face Time, and Punish Hand.

7- 3OH!3

In the premiere of the fourth season’s second episode, 3OH!3 presented the Silent Library with a formidable task. The Big Bird, the Uncomfortable Ball, the Rodent Feet, and the Brief Winch were all forms of punishment. Even though they didn’t win the day’s final task, they still took home $3,100.

8- Jessie James:

Early in 2010, Jessie James and her sister, manager, friends, and musicians visited the Silent Show. Therefore, the Clean Face, Head Game, Forked Catch, Dread Drops, and Knuckle Drill were among the available punishments. The group had a successful beginning and ending, earning $3,200.

9- Justin Bieber:

Along with Asher Roth and his pals, Justin Bieber appeared in a game show in 2010. Also, the team won $3,900 after enduring Troll Lick, Stink Fruit, Surprising Rear, and Chinatown Mix Up.

10- Ready Set:

Season 4 of the show presented several difficulties for the Ready Set, including School Yard Slap, Freedom Meat, Twister Smack, and Trapping Glue. After finishing the last penalty, TRS received a large sum of money.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Band Season/Episode Penalties Prize Money Earned
All Time Low Season 3, Episode 2 Soup Shoot, Snow Job, Too Big Lady, Licking a Glass $3,200
Forever The Sickest Kids Season 2 Egg Rollers, Small Putts, Camp Fire Mix Up, Swat Team $2,700
We the Kings Season 2 Pulled Sniff, Not Expected Package, Angry Dog, Big Busts $2,800
Hey, Monday Season 3, Episode 3 Octopussed, Pumped Walk, Comb Over Comb, Unwanted Fan $3,400
Anarbor Not available on YouTube Fish Sponge, Sea Waffle, Bad Door, Evil Chair Not specified
Never Shout Never Season 3 Finale Little Tromboner, Oh No Yo Yo, Face Time, Punish Hand $3,900
3OH!3 Season 4, Episode 2 Big Bird, Uncomfortable Ball, Rodent Feet, Brief Winch $3,100
Jessie James Early 2010 Clean Face, Head Game, Forked Catch, Dread Drops, Knuckle Drill $3,200
Justin Bieber 2010 Troll Lick, Stink Fruit, Surprising Rear, Chinatown Mix Up $3,900
Ready Set Season 4 School Yard Slap, Freedom Meat, Twister Smack, Trapping Glue Not specified


Silent Library has been made into a movie in different countries, and each version has its twist and taste. The show’s global draw comes from the fact that it can make people laugh even if they don’t speak the same language, capturing the universal appeal of humor, just as comedy does. It is a great show to watch if you like game shows or want a good laugh. The tasks are funny, and the laughter is contagious.

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