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9 Top Technical Writing Certifications in 2024


To stay ahead of the competition as a technical writer, you need to improve your skills constantly. Completing a technical writing certification program can significantly contribute to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Technical writing certifications aim to make complicated information more accessible to a bigger audience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that expert writers in the US make an average of $76,860 annually. This could be the right job for you if you like explaining technical knowledge and are interested in technical writing.

Top 9 Certifications in Technical Writing

Here is a list of professional technical writing certifications you can look into:

1. Professional Technical Writing

A simple professional technical writing certificate is available from many groups or schools. Depending on the group, the programs to get these certificates can last anywhere from one week to a few months.

This certificate teaches you how to think about your readers, the goal of your technical writing assignments, and how to write clearly and briefly. You can also learn the basics of production and writing.

Some companies offer basic technical writing certifications, like software development, in specific fields. These can help you learn how to write white papers and case studies.

2- Software Technical Writing

Technical writers for software companies or products explain to people who aren’t experts how to use the complicated parts of their products.

As part of this certification process, you may learn specialized skills such as how to understand APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), read code, and go over UI (user interface) and UX (user experience).

To learn how to write how-to guides, program documentation, journal papers, or diagrams for people to use, this can help. You may need a technical degree before starting some of these classes.

3- Business Writing

People who want to focus on writing about business and finances can get certifications from a lot of different groups and schools.

You could learn how to figure out who your writing is for, how to do research, and how to edit to make things more transparent. Some documents you could learn how to write financial reports, economic publications, business plan writing or process paperwork.

Most of the time, these programs need you to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related area and know how to use business language.

4- UX Writing Certification Course

You can improve your UX writing skills and understanding with the UX Writing Certification Course. It will help you become a professional UX writer.

This advanced online movie will teach you how to draft microcopies, the basics of UX writing, how to choose the voice and tone of your content, and when to use humor to make your copy more enjoyable and easy to read.

You can do the technical writing certifications and build a good portfolio of your UX writing as you go through the course CLOs. Not only that, but you also learn the content design skills and even the skills you need to make conversational chatbots, which are both necessary for your UX writing job.

5- Technical Writing for Engineers

Like writing expert documentation for software, writing in the engineering field can require a deep understanding of complicated processes and how to format things correctly.

Also, learn basic skills like organizing and editing papers, but when writing about machinery operations, manufacturing, and engineering, you learn a lot about industry standards.

You could also learn how to make tables and graphs that can help make hard-to-understand information more accessible. A lot of the time, these programs need you to have some engineering understanding or education.

6-Technical Communication (STC)

The STC has been a leader in technical communication worldwide for many years. It’s a group of skilled writers, editors, engineers, and managers who work together to improve technical communication.

The STC does this by organizing yearly educational events, allowing members to network, and providing well-known online technical writing classes.

Students can only sign up for STC classes for a specific time. There are new sets of online classes for different areas of technical communication every year put together by the company.

Three primary technical writing certification levels exist:

Foundation: A certificate shows you the basics of writing and communicating technically. There is basic training and an exam that is required.

Practitioner: A practitioner shows they have mastered technical communication and uses what they learned in the foundation class. You may have to pass an exam to get this title.

Expert: A master shows that they know how to use professional writing for American Author House by using it in real life. You can get this title by showing off your work in a resume and being interviewed by other experts.

7- Medical Technical Writing

Medical Writer Certified (MWC) is a popular medical writing certification by the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA). People who want this title usually focus on writing about medical science.

Medical ethics, healthcare understanding, and communication are some of the things you can expect to learn.

Learn study papers, journals, descriptive writing guides, educational tools, or abstracts about medicine. You may need a bachelor’s degree and medical communication experience before getting this license.

8- Advanced Technical Writing Certification

You should get an advanced certification in technical writing if you want to show that you know more about the subject and are trustworthy.

These certificates, offered by many schools and programs, could help you learn everything you would learn in an introductory course, plus how to use styles and design in your writing, write proposals, understand data, and find effective ways to edit technical writing.

9- The Adobe Certified Professional

Technical Communication Suite certification is specifically tailored for professionals in technical communication who utilize Adobe’s suite of tools.

This certification program focuses on validating the skills and proficiency of individuals working with Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite, typically including software such as FrameMaker and RoboHelp.

Adobe FrameMaker: A powerful authoring and publishing tool for creating structured documents, including technical manuals and user guides.

Adobe RoboHelp: An authoring tool for creating, understanding illustrations, and publishing responsive help systems, knowledge bases, and online documentation.

What Should You Look for in a Technical Writing Course?

It can be hard to choose the right technical writing certification school, program, or class because there are so many. Most of them have very similar goals and lessons.

We won’t say which course is better, but we can help you decide.

When thinking about your choices, think about:

Experience Level: Before you do anything else, take a good, hard look at what you can do now. Professionals with various experience levels can choose from a wide range of classes.

Budget: Some classes are too pricey for one person to afford, even though they teach the same things. Check to see if the course is worth the money before you pay for it. You can also ask your workplace to pay for your continued education.

Some classes and studies are only available during certain months, while others are open all year. A lesson with more freedom might be better for you if you want to finish it quickly.

Before you make a choice, think about all of the above factors, ask your peers and mentors what they think, and read reviews of the teacher(s) teaching the classes.

What Are the Qualifications to Be a Technical Writer?

This can also assist authors from other disciplines learn how to apply their knowledge to technical writing. You may learn how to organize documents for readability, make a project strategy, and write effective headings and subheadings.

For example, if you work in business or finance, you may use this method to improve your report or proposal writing abilities.

To become a technical writer, there is no one-size-fits-all set of qualifications, as the book writing services requirements can vary depending on the industry, employer, and specific job role.

However, certain skills, education, and experience are commonly sought after in the field of technical writing.

Here are typical qualifications:

Strong Writing Skills: A technical writer should be proficient in written communication and able to convey complex technical information clearly and concisely.

Editing and Proofreading: Attention to detail and the ability to edit and proofread content for accuracy and clarity are crucial.

Understanding of Technology: Depending on the industry, book publishing submissions need a basic understanding of the subject matter they are documenting. This could include knowledge of software, hardware, or other technical concepts.

Familiarity with Documentation Tools: Proficiency in using documentation tools such as MadCap Flare, Adobe FrameMaker, RoboHelp, or others, depending on industry standards.


These certifications serve as a testament to an individual’s competence and provide a structured pathway for career development. The technical writing certifications mentioned cover a spectrum of tools and methodologies, including structured authoring with DITA, information mapping, and user experience (UX) writing.

Depending on the platform, technical writing certifications can vary from $79 to $2,399 for comprehensive career-building qualifications. Specialization, the platform itself, and the level of technical writing skills all impact the pricing.

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