Best Fantasy Writing Prompts of 2023
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Best Fantasy Writing Prompts of 2023


So are you a writer who can’t get enough of making up magical worlds and exciting stories? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our compilation of the best fantasy prompts of 2023 to fuel your imagination.

There is no need to look any further! We’ve compiled a list of Are you a writer who can’t get enough of making up magical worlds and exciting the best fantasy prompts of 2023 to help you get ideas and take you on a trip through worlds of magic and wonder. Prepare to write great sagas, meet mythical creatures, and give life to fantastic stories that captivate your readers. These fantasy prompts will help you find the stories you want to tell in the world of magic. So here are some of the best fantasy prompts of 2023

A Doorway to Another World

One of the best fantasy prompts is a doorway to another world. Imagine finding an old, dusty door leading to a world you can’t imagine. Describe the amazing landscapes, magical creatures, and hard tasks your brave main character will face when entering this mysterious realm. Will they be able to find their way back home, or will they be stuck in this strange world for good?

The Last Dragon Guardian

In a world where dragons are almost extinct, a young hero is chosen by fate to be the last guardian of these beautiful animals. Find out about your main character’s inner journey as they try to protect the last dragon egg and bring peace back to a world on the verge of chaos.

The Time-Traveling Pocket Watch

Imagine a unique pocket watch that could change the way time works. Explore time travel as your character faces moral dilemmas and witnesses’ history’s most significant events. How will their being there change the past and the future?

The Cursed Forest

A bad spirit watches over a secret treasure deep in a scary forest. Follow the exciting story of daring adventurers going into the cursed woods to find wealth. They fight evil forces and find out the secrets that have been hidden there. Can they fight the pull of darkness and get the treasure for themselves?

The Potion of Dreams

In a world where dreams have power, a skilled alchemist produces a potion to make dreams come true. Explore what this new ability means as your characters move through dreams and fears, and try to figure out where fantasy ends and reality begins.

The Forgotten Library

Imagine a long-lost library with old books full of information that has been forgotten. Find out about the adventures of a young scholar who finds this secret treasure trove and uses it to learn lessons from the past. What hidden truths and secrets will they find in these pages?

The Guardian Spirits

In a world where every person has a protected animal spirit, make a strong bond between your main character and their loyal friend. Make a thrilling quest that will test their friendship as they try to save their country from the coming darkness.

The Celestial Artifacts

When a constellation suddenly disappears from the night sky, a group of adventurous stars goes on a dangerous quest to discover what happened. Tell about their journey to find the scattered celestial artifacts, overcome cosmic challenges, and bring peace back to the world.

The Carnival of Illusions

Imagine a traveling funfair where the illusionists are very good at what they do. Tell a charming story about a hopeful artist mesmerized by an illusionist’s show and starts investigating the mysterious world of illusionists and their hidden goals.

The Music of Enchantment

In a world where music can cast spells, a talented artist finds out that their song has the power to change reality itself. Join them on their journey of self-discovery as they use the power of melodies to protect their realm from a disaster that is about to happen.

The Elemental Chalice

In a world where the elements hold mystical powers, a legendary chalice is said to grant control over all four elements. Follow your protagonist’s quest to find the chalice, as they must overcome elemental trials and face those who seek its power for nefarious purposes.

The Starlit Forest

Under a canopy of twinkling stars lies a forest imbued with celestial magic. Your character finds themselves in this ethereal realm, encountering luminescent flora and fauna. What secrets does this magical forest hold, and what revelations will unfold beneath the starlit sky?

The Oracle’s Prophecy

Your character gets a promise from a mysterious oracle, which sets them on a path of self-discovery and fate. Find out the prophecy’s secret meanings as they try to change their future and the future of their realm.

The Mirror of Reflections

Within a mystical mirror lies the ability to reflect upon one’s deepest desires and fears. Follow your character’s journey as they confront their innermost selves, challenging their perceptions of reality and discovering hidden truths.

The Guardian of Time

When time is in danger, a certain person is picked to protect time. Follow their journey as it winds through time and puts them up against problems that threaten the very nature of reality.

The Enchanted Art Gallery

Picture an amazing art gallery where the paintings come to life. Tell the story of a young person who wants to be an artist and steps into the world of paintings, where they find a magical, beautiful, and dangerous place. Seems like amazing fantasy prompts, right?

The Fey Realm

A curious person stumbles into the mysterious Fey realm in a place where fairies live. Write a whimsical story about how they interacted with these mischievous people and what happened when they did.

The Book of Eternal Tales

Imagine you had a magical book that told your future with every page you turned. Explore the power of choice as your main character struggles with the results of their choices in the stories before them.

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Essential Elements and Description Summary Insights

Prompt Title Description Summary Potential Themes for Exploration
A Doorway to Another World An old door leads to a mysterious world with unknown landscapes and creatures. Adventure, Discovery, Challenges
The Last Dragon Guardian A young hero becomes the guardian of the last dragon egg in a nearly extinct world. Duty, Protection, Survival
The Time-Traveling Pocket Watch A pocket watch grants its owner the power to travel through time. Ethical dilemmas, Historical impacts
The Cursed Forest Adventurers seek treasure in a forest guarded by a malevolent spirit. Courage, Darkness, Secrets
The Potion of Dreams An alchemist’s potion can turn dreams into reality. Power of imagination, Consequences
The Forgotten Library A scholar discovers a hidden library filled with ancient wisdom. Knowledge, Mystery, Past lessons
The Guardian Spirits Individuals are paired with animal spirits in a world of camaraderie and danger. Bonding, Protection, Fate


The best fantasy prompts of 2023 are the keys to unlocking your mind and letting your creativity run wild. Accept the magic of stories and let your words take people to places they could never imagine. Let’s get started. Happy writing.

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