Selling Audiobooks On Audible: What You MUST Know
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Selling Audiobooks On Audible: What You MUST Know


The surge in popularity of audiobooks, podcasts, and similar audio content has revolutionized the publishing world. This shift has provided authors with fresh opportunities to connect with audiences and earn income through online platforms.

Marketplaces like Amazon and Audible have significantly contributed to the expanding audiobook industry. The American Author house brings you this guide outlining everything you must know about Audiobooks on audible.

What is Audible?

Audible is an online platform where you can listen to audiobooks like best fantasy books or nonfiction books, podcasts, and other spoken-word content. It’s like having a library of stories and information you can hear instead of reading.

With Audible, you can explore various audiobooks covering genres like fiction, non-fiction, self-help, mysteries, and more.

One of the great things about Audible is its convenience. You can access it using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other compatible devices. You can enjoy your favorite books or shows anytime, anywhere –commuting, exercising, or simply relaxing at home.

When you sign up for Audible, you usually get a free trial period to explore the service and listen to audiobooks. After that, it operates on a subscription basis, where you pay a monthly fee to access a certain number of audiobooks per month. Plus, you often get discounts on additional audiobook purchases.

Audible offers an immersive listening experience. Professional narrators bring stories to life with their voices, making the dynamic characters and plot come alive. Some audiobooks even include sound effects or music to enhance the overall experience.

Moreover, Audible provides features that enhance the listening experience. You can bookmark sections and adjust the playback speed. You can even download audiobooks for offline listening.

Not only does Audible offer audiobooks, but it also produces original content and exclusive titles that you can’t find elsewhere. This means you can access a wide range of content, including Audible Originals, specially created for Audible subscribers.

How To Create An Audiobook For Audible Sales

Creating an audiobook is like making a cool story that people can listen to. This guide helps you learn how to do it step by step. And even if you hire professional audio book services, it’s still necessary to know how to do it to keep up with them.

Step 1: Choose Your Content

Firstly, decide what content you’d like to convert into an audiobook. It could be an original story, a guide, a podcast, or even an existing book from Colleen Hoover-like authors or others. But make sure that you have the right to create an audiobook from the content.

Step 2: Scripting and Editing

Next, prepare a script or a detailed outline. Organize your content into sections or chapters to maintain a coherent flow. Remember that audiobooks rely heavily on narration, so edit and refine your content for clarity and engagement. It would be better to book editing services providers to help you on this one.

Step 3: Recording Equipment and Space

Invest in good-quality recording equipment. You’ll need a microphone, pop filter, and headphones to ensure clear sound. Select a quiet space for recording to minimize background noise.

Step 4: Narration

When recording, maintain a conversational tone. Enunciate clearly, modulate your voice and pay attention to pacing. Remember, engaging narration can significantly enhance the listening experience.

Step 5: Editing and Post-Production

After recording, edit the audio files to eliminate mistakes, long pauses, or background noises. Add subtle background music or sound effects to enhance the atmosphere, but ensure they complement the narration.

Step 6: Formatting and Distribution

Format the audiobook according to the requirements of the platform you’ll use for distribution. Common formats include MP3 or AAC. Platforms like Audible, Amazon ACX or any Audible alternative apps can help you distribute your audiobook globally.

Step 7: Cover Design and Metadata

Create an eye-catching cover that represents your audiobook. Also, include relevant metadata such as title, author information, and a compelling description to attract potential listeners.

Step 8: Promotion and Marketing

Once your audiobook for audible sales is ready, focus on promoting it. Use social media, your website, or other platforms to create buzz. Encourage reviews and feedback to boost visibility.

Step 9: Monitor Performance and Feedback

Keep track of your audiobook’s performance by analyzing sales, reviews, and listener feedback. Use this information to refine future audiobook projects.

Process For Selling Audiobooks On Audible?

Audible and Amazon are leading audiobook platforms, drawing millions of subscribers globally. Both are integrated within the Amazon ecosystem, with Amazon overseeing Audible, while ACX serves as the Amazon platform for audiobook publishers seeking distribution across Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Create an Amazon Account

Begin your audiobook-selling journey by setting up an Amazon account. This account is your gateway to accessing the services offered by ACX for audiobook distribution.

Utilize for Audiobook Upload

With your Amazon account in place, navigate to Here, you’ll upload your audiobook files for audible sales. ACX serves as the platform where you manage the production and distribution of your audiobooks.

Set Up Your Title Profile

As the rights holder of your audiobook, craft a comprehensive title profile for your book on ACX. This profile includes crucial details like the table of contents, book cover image, and a captivating description of your audiobook.

Initiate Audiobook Production

Once your title profile is configured to your satisfaction, kickstart the process of producing your audiobook for audible sales. This involves recording, editing, and ensuring high-quality audio.

Upload Audio Files to ACX

Once your audio files are ready, upload them to ACX. Pay careful attention to the ACX Audio Submission Requirements, ensuring your files meet sound quality and format criteria.

ACX Review Process

Post-submission, ACX will conduct a review of your audiobook. Typically, this evaluation period spans around 30 business days. The review assesses various aspects, including audio quality and content compliance.

Approval and Distribution

Upon approval, your audiobook becomes available for sale on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. This step marks the fruition of your efforts, making your creation accessible to a vast audience of potential listeners.

Selling your audiobook on Amazon and Audible involves a structured process facilitated by ACX, Amazon’s specialized platform for audiobook publishing. By following these steps, you pave the way for your audiobook to reach a wide audience and potentially find success in the thriving audiobook market.

Costs And Potential Earnings

Regarding costs, ACX offers two primary models: the royalty share system and the pay upfront model.

In the royalty share deal, the earned royalties are split evenly—50/50—between you, the rights holder, and the narrator. On the other hand, the pay upfront model allows you to retain all the royalties after compensating the narrator for their services.

The revenue you can generate from selling audiobooks on Amazon and Audible hinges largely upon the success of your audiobook audible sales. The royalty rates typically range from 20% to 40%, depending on whether you opt for exclusive or non-exclusive distribution through ACX.

Opting for exclusive distribution for audible sales would mean your audiobook is solely available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Conversely, non-exclusive distribution allows you to distribute your audiobook through other platforms such as Google Play, Kobo, or Author’s Republic.

Tips To Increase Your Audible Sales

Boosting audible sales involves key strategies to help authors reach a wider audience and attract more listeners. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to increase the audible sales:

Eye-Catching Cover Design

Create an appealing cover that grabs attention and accurately represents your book. A visually striking cover can entice potential listeners browsing through Audible’s library.

Engaging Title and Description

Craft a captivating title and a compelling description that gives listeners a sneak peek into what your book offers. A well-written description can pique curiosity and encourage listeners to explore further.

Quality Narration

Invest in a skilled narrator or professional voice artist who can bring your book to life. A great narrator can significantly enhance the listening experience and attract more listeners.

Promotional Strategies

Utilize various promotional tactics to create buzz around your audiobook. Leverage social media, author websites, blogs, and newsletters to spread the word about your book’s availability on Audible.

Seek Reviews and Feedback

Encourage listeners to leave reviews and ratings for your audiobook. Positive reviews can build credibility and attract more potential buyers.

Price and Promotions

Experiment with pricing strategies or limited-time promotions to attract new listeners. Consider offering discounts or bundling your audiobook with related content to entice buyers.

Utilize Audible’s Features

Take advantage of Audible’s features, such as sharing excerpts or providing free samples. Allowing listeners to preview your audiobook can spark interest and drive audible sales.

Engage with Your Audience

Interact with your audience through author Q&A sessions, virtual events, or podcasts. Building a connection with your audience can foster loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth recommendations.

Optimize Metadata

Ensure your book’s metadata—such as categories, keywords, and tags—is optimized. This helps in better visibility and discoverability within Audible’s search algorithms.

Monitor and Adapt

Keep an eye on your audiobook’s performance metrics on Audible’s platform. Analyze audible sales trends listener behavior and adjust your marketing strategies to maximize sales.

Essential Steps/Elements and Detailed Insights

Step Description Notes
1. Choose Content Decide what content to convert into an audiobook. Ensure rights to create an audiobook. Content selection is crucial.
2. Scripting & Editing Prepare a script or outline, organize content into sections, and edit for clarity and engagement. Quality narration is essential.
3. Recording Equipment Invest in quality microphone, pop filter, and headphones for clear sound. Select a quiet recording space. Good audio quality is a must.
4. Narration Maintain a conversational tone while recording, paying attention to enunciation and pacing. Engaging narration enhances the experience.
5. Editing & Post-Production Edit audio files, remove mistakes, add music/effects, ensuring they complement narration. Professional editing is crucial.
6. Formatting & Distribution Format audiobook according to platform requirements (e.g., MP3 or AAC), distribute globally. Platform selection matters.
7. Cover Design & Metadata Create an eye-catching cover, include metadata like title, author info, and description. Attract potential listeners.


Selling your audiobook on Amazon and Audible presents a great opportunity in the expanding audiobook industry.

While it involves costs and important factors, creating a high-quality audiobook and employing effective marketing tactics can lead to a fulfilling endeavor.

However, always keep in mind knowing your audience and how the platforms operate is key to success for your audible sales. Understanding these aspects can significantly impact your journey as an audiobook creator.

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