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What is the Author’s Main Purpose for Writing the Memoir Night?

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  • July 20, 2023
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  • 7 min read


Elie Wiesel’s memoir “Night” is a haunting and moving story of his life during the Holocaust. Wiesel was born in Sighet, Transylvania, now part of Romania. He and his family were sent to the Auschwitz death camp as a teenager. In this article, we’ll discuss the Author’s Intent behind this powerful story and how it affected people worldwide.

How to Understand the Memoir “Night”

Understanding the depth of ‘Night’ as a piece of Holocaust literature is important. For more on this topic, visit our article on “The Impact of ‘Night’ on Society”. “Night” was first released in 1960, and since then, it has become a classic piece of Holocaust literature. It is a short but emotionally powerful book about the author’s horrifying experiences in concentration camps. It talks about the terrible things he saw and went through there.

Background of the Author

Elie Wiesel’s life and experiences are crucial to understanding ‘Night.’ Learn more about the author in our article “What Is the Author’s Main Purpose for Writing the Memoir ‘Night'”. Elie Wiesel was a well-known author, political leader, and winner of the Nobel Prize. He lived through the Holocaust and has spent his whole life telling people about the terrible things that happened during that time.

The Holocaust and Its Impact on the Author’s Intent

Let’s discuss the main point of the Holocaust and its impact.

Personal Experience

Wiesel was deeply affected by his first-hand knowledge of the Holocaust. In the camps, he lost both his parents and his younger sister. The stress of those events affected him for the rest of his life.

Psychological Trauma

Wiesel was haunted by the memories of the Holocaust and the death of his family. This made him deal with survivor’s guilt and ask why people can be evil.

The Author’s Intent for Writing “Night”

Following are the main Author’s Intent for writing night.

Bearing Witness

One of the main reasons Wiesel wrote “Night” was to show what he and many others had to endure. He wanted to make sure that the terrible events of the Holocaust would never be forgotten.

Raising Awareness

Wiesel wrote “Night” to make people more aware of the Holocaust and what can happen when hate and prejudice are not stopped. He wanted to stop such terrible things from happening again.

Conveying the Horrors of the Holocaust

Wiesel tried to show the unimaginable horrors in the concentration camps through vivid and gut-wrenching accounts. He wanted to give readers an unfiltered look at the darkest parts of human history.

Preserving Memory

Wiesel wanted to ensure that people who died in the Holocaust would never be forgotten and that their stories would be told to future generations.

The Impact of “Night” on Society

“Night” is both a story and a great piece of writing. It is an important piece of world literature because of its strong story and emotional depth.

Value for Education

The book is often taught in schools so students can learn about the Holocaust and how it changed people’s lives. It is a very important way to teach kids about kindness, tolerance, and what happens when they hate. Many publishers, like American Author House, are planning to publish this book on digital platforms.

Effect on Studies of the Holocaust

The book “Night” has changed the field of Holocaust studies. It has led to more study, discussions, and thoughts about the historical and moral aspects of the Holocaust.

Key Themes in the Story “Night”

Following are the themes of the story

Cruelty and lack of kindness

One of the main ideas in “Night” is how cruel people can be to each other. Wiesel’s story shows how bad people can be in a very clear way.

Loss of Childhood

The book also talks about how young Elie Wiesel lost his innocence as he saw and lived through the horrors of the concentration camps.

Spirituality and Faith

Wiesel struggles with his faith in the face of unimaginable pain, and his story shows how he tries to find spirituality and meaning in the darkness.

Stylistic Elements in the Memoir

Below are the Stylistic Elements present in the Memoir.

Structure of a Story

Wiesel tells his story clearly and concisely, using simple words to understand the depth of what he went through.


Throughout “Night,” symbols like night and fire add layers of meaning and feeling to the story.


The vivid details in the Memoir make the emotional effect on the reader even stronger, making the events described more real and easy to remember.

“Night” as a Memoir vs. Autobiographical Fiction

“Night” is a memoir, but it also has parts of autobiographical fiction and blurs the lines between the two. This mix of styles makes you think about memory, truth, and how to tell a good story.

Challenges in Writing About Traumatic Events

Let’s engage in a discussion about the obstacles.

Stress on the heart

When writers like Wiesel write about traumatic events, they often have to reflect on painful memories while putting them into words.

Ethical Things to Think About

Memoirists have to think about ethics when telling their own stories and the stories of others, especially when they talk about real people and tragedies from the past.

The Importance of Holocaust Literature

The Holocaust, like “Night,” is an important way to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and teach future generations about what happens when people are hateful and intolerant.

How long did it take Elie Wiesel to write “Night”?

Elie Wiesel’s seminal work, “Night,” is a powerful and haunting memoir that delves into his experiences during the Holocaust. Sitting down to write the book, from start to finish, took approximately a year. This period involved the trying and emotionally charged process of transforming his memories and deeply traumatic experiences into a coherent and impactful narrative.

Has “Night” faced any controversies?

Some critics and scholars have questioned the reliability of memories in the memoir genre through ebook writing, especially when dealing with traumatic and distant events. Memory is known to be fallible, and details may become distorted or altered over time. As such, some have argued that certain events or descriptions in “Night” might not be entirely accurate to historical facts but rather represent the author’s subjective recollection and literary representation of the events.

Key Characteristics and Profound Details

Topic Details Additional Resources
Understanding “Night” Holocaust literature, released in 1960, details Wiesel’s concentration camp experiences. Article: “The Impact of ‘Night’ on Society”
Author Background Elie Wiesel: Nobel Prize winner, experienced the Holocaust, political leader. Article: “What Is the Author’s Main Purpose for Writing ‘Night’”
Holocaust Impact on Author’s Intent Personal experience, psychological trauma. Discussion: “The Holocaust and Its Impact on the Author’s Intent”
Importance of Holocaust Literature The role of works like “Night” in remembering the Holocaust and educating future generations. “The Importance of Holocaust Literature”
Impact of “Night” on Society Valuable in education, effect on Holocaust studies, a piece of world literature. Article: “The Importance of Holocaust Literature”
Stylistic Elements of the Memoir Clear narrative structure, use of symbolism and imagery, blend of memoir and autobiographical fiction. Discussion: “Challenges in Writing About Traumatic Events”


Elie Wiesel’s book “Night” is a powerful example of how strong the human spirit can be and how important it is to remember. The author’s Intent is to ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust will never be lost and that people will learn from the world’s darkest times. The lasting impact of ‘Night’ and the Holocaust’s remembrance are vital. Find out more about the importance of Holocaust literature in our article “The Importance of Holocaust Literature”.

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