Write One Paragraph That Evaluates The Effectiveness Of Jack Zipes's Essay
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Write One Paragraph That Evaluates The Effectiveness Of Jack Zipes’s Essay


Fairy tales have been a part of human society for ages, acting as a means for moral and social lessons. Jack Zipes, a well-known expert on fairy tales, has written widely about the beginnings and development of these tales.

The success of Breaking the Disney Spell” criticizes the cultural power of Disney. Also, the elimination of fairy stories in modern media.

Understanding the Essay:

“Breaking the Disney Spell” came out for the first time in 1979. Since then, it has become one of the most essential books on fairy tales. Zipes claims in the essay that Disney’s versions of fairy tales have taken the stories out of their original cultural context. Discover more about how Disney’s adaptations have impacted fairy tales in our article on What is Amazon Choice vs Best Seller?.

Therefore, it turned them into simple, predictable stories reinforcing gender and race stereotypes.

Zipes says that Disney’s movies are not accurate versions of fairy tales. Instead, he says, they are business goods that teach kids to be consumerists.

It isn’t just a criticism of Disney; it’s also a call to experts, teachers, and parents to bring back the cultural value of fairy tales. By showing how Disney uses ideas to get what it wants, Zipes hopes to show his readers the power of fairy tales to change and how they can be used to fight dominant cultural stories.

How Well Jack Zipes’s Essay Does Its Job:

Jack Zipes is a well-known writer and academic known for his work on fairy tales and their meaning to different cultures. Breaking the Disney Spell is about how Disney’s versions of fairy tales have changed the original stories’ messages and meanings. Even though this article is well-written and full of good ideas, there may be better answers to some search questions.


Breaking the Disney Spell,” Jack Zipes says that the cartoon movies the Walt Disney Company made reinforce bad ideas about men and women and push a consumerist philosophy. Zipes says that Disney’s cartoon movies aren’t just harmless fun; they are a way to spread wrong social and cultural ideals. In this piece, we’ll talk about how well Zipes’s writing makes his point and convinces readers that it’s true.

Zipes’s Argument in Brief:

The article starts by recognizing how popular Disney’s cartoon movies are and how they have changed popular culture. He then goes on to say that Disney’s films give spread racist and consumerist ideas.

Zipes says that Disney’s cartoon movies show a limited and stereotypical view of how men and women should act, with women’s parts being quiet and showy and men’s roles being active and brave.

He says this keeps up a damaging two-way divide between men and women and strengthens male power structures. Explore further insights into gender roles in our article on How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. Zipes also prefers to avoid the themes of buying things he thinks are in Disney movies. He says the film pushes a consumerist mindset that says happiness comes from having things.  As well as the story tells people to put something ahead of other ideals.

Analysis of Zipes’s Point of View:

Zipes’s article is a powerful critique of Disney’s cartoon movies and their meaning for society and culture. His point is well-supported by many examples from Disney movies, which he breaks down in detail to show how bad ideas about gender and consumerism are kept alive. For more examples and detailed analysis, check out our article on Art of Business Planning: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Business Plan. Zipes also uses more extensive cultural and social critiques to contextualize his case. He shows how Disney movies have broader effects.

One of Zipes’s essay’s strong points is that he can give a detailed analysis of how
Disney movies spread terrible ideas. He looks closely at how men and women are in Disney movies and how this reinforces male power structures. Zipes also looks at the part of consumerism in Disney’s films and how that makes people care more about things than other things.

Zipes’s case also shows that he knows much about fairy tales and how they came to be. He uses his knowledge of this field to put Disney’s movies in a larger cultural and historical framework. He shows how they use and keeps up troublesome cultural ideals.

Considering the Essay’s Effects:

The article by Zipes has significantly affected how people study fairy stories and pop culture. By showing how Disney tries to trick people, Zipes has made people rethink the role of fairy tales in modern life. Many scholars, teachers, and parents are encouraging critical involvement with fairy tales and fighting against the commercialization of childhood.

Also, Zipes’s article has helped bring about a change in the way fairy tales are studied. Before “Breaking the Disney Spell,” fairy tales were often considered stories that would always be around. Zipes’s work, on the other hand, shows how these stories target specific cultures and how people can be used to challenge dominant ideas. By putting fairy tales’ historical and political aspects in the spotlight, Zipes has opened up new ways to study and understand them.

Evaluation of the Essay:

Even though it was necessary, “Breaking the Disney Spell” has its critics. Some experts have said that Zipes’s article makes Disney’s role in keeping cultural stereotypes alive too simple. They say that Zipes’s focus on Disney needs to consider the larger societal forces that affect how fairy tales are involved in modern society.

Some experts have also said that Zipes’s article focuses too much on Europe. They say that Zipes’s focus on Western fairy tales makes him forget about the rich customs of countries outside the West. They think that Zipes’s article keeps non-Western views from being heard in the study of fairy tales. If you want to write your essays and books in Jack Zipes’s style, you may hire a professional Book Writing Company.

Key Concepts and Profound Details

Key Concepts Author’s Arguments Analysis & Critique
Fairy Tales & Society Fairy tales serve as moral and social lessons, historically imparting cultural values. Reflects on the enduring nature of fairy tales and their adaptability to cultural contexts.
Disney’s Cultural Power Disney has transformed fairy tales into simple, consumerist narratives that reinforce stereotypes. Critiques how commercialization has altered the essence of traditional fairy tales.
The Impact of Disney’s Adaptations Disney’s versions remove stories from their cultural context and promote a limited worldview. Questions the cultural and ethical implications of Disney’s reinterpretations.
Gender & Race Stereotypes Disney perpetuates damaging stereotypes through its portrayal of characters and narratives. Highlights the need for a more nuanced and inclusive portrayal of characters.
Consumerism in Disney’s Tales Disney’s narratives encourage a consumerist mentality, equating happiness with material possession. Critiques the materialistic values promoted and their impact on audiences.
Call for Cultural Revaluation There’s a need to reclaim the cultural value of fairy tales beyond their commercialized versions. Emphasizes the importance of understanding the original cultural and social functions of fairy tales.
Future of Fairy Tale Studies Encourages a rethinking of fairy tales’ role and their potential for challenging dominant narratives. Points towards a more critical and inclusive approach to understanding and teaching fairy tales.
Evaluation of the Essay Critics argue that Zipes oversimplifies Disney’s role and focuses too much on Europe, neglecting non-Western perspectives. Assessing Zipes’s influence on fairy tale studies.


The article “Breaking the Disney Spell” by Jack Zipes has significantly affected how people study fairy stories and pop culture. Explore the impact of articles like Zipes’s on the study of literature in our article on Inside the Literary World – What is a Literary Magazine?. Zipes has influenced a new group of students, teachers, and parents by showing how Disney tries to trick people and by encouraging people to think critically about fairy tales. But his work has been criticized by people who have asked important questions about where it falls short.

Even though these things have been said about Zipes’s essay, it is still a helpful addition to the field of fairy tale studies. It forces us to question the main cultural stories that shape how we see the world and to know the power of fairy tales to change us. By looking at Zipes’s work, we can continue to learn about the rich cultural history of fairy tales and how they are still important today.

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