What should I do while writing my ebook to get the word out?
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What should I do while writing my ebook to get the word out?

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  • July 17, 2023
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  • 9 min read



Writing an ebook can be good for your brand and a way to share your story with people. However, do you want to create buzz before its release? That’s an even better strategy to make people have it, which can help increase sales. So how can you do that?

When you work on your masterpiece, you must plan and think of ways to get people talking about your book. For tips on creating excitement and anticipation for your ebook, check out our article on How to Add Music to Google Slides – A Step-by-Step Guide. This will ensure you a lot of sales and popularity as well. You need to create excitement and expectation about your ebook, which would help you sell and make money.

In this article, American Author House will provide some of the most amazing ways to promote your book without finishing it first.

Share Sneak Peeks

The first thing you can do to “advertise my ebook” is share little sneak peeks. Tempting sneak peeks of your ebook with your readers to get them excited about it.

Give them a taste of your captivating stories or the interesting places you’ve made. Give them short samples that will make them want to read more. Show them your interesting people or give them hints about exciting plot turns.

By giving these intriguing snippets, you’ll build up readers’ interest in your ebook writing and make them want to read the whole story. Use your blog, social media, or even special sneak peek events to share these tidbits with your audience. This will make them feel like they are part of a small, exclusive group that has access to exciting inside information.

Engage on Social Media

Engage on Social Media. Utilizing the power of social media is crucial. Make profiles for your ebook and engage with your readers as you write, as discussed in our article about Audible Alternatives: Top Audiobook Apps for Listening to Books. So sharing sneaks peaks is a good idea, but where? The first thing that will pop up whenever you will write “advertise my ebook” is to use social media.

And here, too, we will use the power of social media to interact with your readers as you write.

Make profiles for your ebook and let people know about your work regularly. Engage your fans by asking them questions, asking for their opinions. Ask them to tell you what they think about certain parts of your ebook.

Invite them to take part in polls or conversations about your story. Letting your audience be a part of your artistic process makes them feel important and interested in your work. Respond quickly to comments and messages to build a sense of connection and a group of loyal readers who can’t wait for your work to come out.

Start a Blog

Creating an interesting blog can be a great way to engage your audience. You can find more insights on using a blog effectively in our article about Decoding the Role of a Copy Editor – What Does a Copy Editor Do?. Another thing that pops up when you write “advertise my ebook” is to create a blog, and let’s learn how to use it to your advantage before your book is out.

Start an interesting blog that will be the center of your writing journey and the subject of your ebook. Share your writing adventures, insights, and problems you ran into. Offer useful information about the subject of your ebook, such as tips, research results, or talks that make people think.

Get your readers involved by asking for comments and encouraging them to share their thoughts and ideas. By making blog posts that are always interesting and useful, you’ll get people interested in your ebook.

Work together with other writers

Collaboration with other writers can be beneficial for reaching a wider audience. You can learn more about collaboration in our article on Fantastic Fiction – Discovering the Best Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books. Another thing you can do so that you can stop thinking about “how I can advertise my ebook is to collaborate with other writers and let the world know about it.

Look for ways to work together with other writers in your field. You could write blog posts, share guest posts, or do interviews or talks together. By working with other writers, you can use their audience to reach more people and grow your own.

Discuss writing in a useful way, share your experiences, and give different points of view. This collaboration brings your work to the attention of new viewers and builds a sense of community among writers.

Hold contests and giveaways

Another thing that is very common whenever someone thinks about “how can I advertise my ebook without writing it first is to gold giveaways.

Run contests and giveaways connected to your ebook to get people excited and looking forward to it. Give winners unique gifts, like signed copies, personalized messages, or limited-edition items.

Invite people to share your content, sign up for your newsletter, or add their unique ideas. This will not only make people talk about you but also help you reach more people as you would worry less about “how I can advertise my ebook with other networks before publishing.

Connect with Book Clubs

Engaging with book clubs is a smart strategy. You can discover more insights on how to connect with book clubs in our article about Best Mystery Audiobooks – Must-Listen Titles for Thriller Fans. Connect with book clubs that share your ebook’s subject or theme. Find out about book clubs in your area or online and contact their leaders or members.

Offer to give advice, participate in talks, or even host virtual question-and-answer sessions geared toward their reading group. You can gain loyal fans and get good word-of-mouth suggestions by getting involved with book clubs. Encourage club members to talk about and review your ebook.

Offer exclusive content from behind the scenes

Give your readers exclusive behind-the-scenes content that shows them how you write and what it’s like to make an ebook. Tell stories, problems, and breakthroughs that helped shape your story.

Talk about your study, your characters’ origin, or the places that inspired your settings. By giving this inside look, you give your readers a stronger connection to your work and a better understanding of how hard you worked on it.

Share this exclusive information with your subscribers through blog posts, updates on social media, or even emails just for them. Letting your readers follow you as you write will build loyalty, energy, and anticipation for your upcoming ebook.

Host live question-and-answer sessions

Host live question-and-answer sessions. Conducting live Q&A sessions can be a fantastic way to engage with your audience. You can find more tips on hosting such sessions in our article on How to Instagram Background Change – Alter the Color of Instagram Stories. Another thing that you can do to solve your problem of “how I can advertise my ebook to people without publishing it first is by hosting live Q&As.

Live question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions are a great way to contact your crowd. Use real-time platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live to talk to your viewers.

You should inform your audience about these meetings and ask them to send in their questions or topics of interest. During the session, you can answer their questions, discuss how your work is progressing, or talk about your writing journey.

By giving your fans this kind of interactive experience, you not only create a sense of community but also give them a chance to get to know you better. These live Q&A meetings get people involved, get people talking about your ebook, and let your audience feel like they are a part of the writing and promoting process.

Make a list of emails

Create an email list to talk directly with your fans and keep them returning. Building an email list is essential. You can get more insights on how to create an email list and its importance in our article What is Amazon Choice vs. Best Seller?. Encourage people who visit your website or blog to sign up for your email. This way, they can get exclusive news about your ebook, sneak peeks, and special deals.

To get people to sign up, give them something of value, like writing tips or short stories. Send newsletters regularly with updates on how things are going or material from behind the scenes.

Essential Strategy and Detailed Insights

Strategy Description Benefits
Share Sneak Peeks Share excerpts or exciting elements of the ebook to pique interest. Generates curiosity and anticipation among readers.
Engage on Social Media Use platforms to share updates, interact with readers, and post sneak peeks. Builds a community and keeps the audience engaged.
Start a Blog Create a blog to share the journey of writing the ebook, insights, and related content. Attracts a dedicated readership and provides depth.
Collaborate with Writers Partner with other writers for cross-promotion and shared content. Expands reach and brings in diverse perspectives.
Hold Contests and Giveaways Run competitions or provide exclusive content as rewards to engage the audience. Encourages active participation and spreads word-of-mouth.
Connect with Book Clubs Engage with clubs to discuss themes or offer exclusive content. Taps into established reader groups for focused discussions.
Offer Behind-the-Scenes Content Provide insights into the writing process, research, and character development. Deepens reader investment and transparency.


Promoting your ebook while writing is a smart and effective way to get people to discuss it. It is also a great solution to “how to advertise my ebook”. Using these strategies, you can get people interested in your work and build a community around it. This will also prepare you beforehand for a great ebook launch. However, remember to be real and to interact with your audience genuinely.

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